About us

Our company is an established company with a long tradition of dealing with two main activities - the sale of new and used tires and purchase of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Tire keep people with rich experience in the field, so there will be no problem with the selection of suitable tires for your car. The current offer of tires found in our catalog. Fast and professional přezutí tires at the lowest prices in the region is for us.

n the scrapyard offer buyout nonferrous metals and iron again at unbeatable prices. Maximum precision is ensured with a completely new digital (!) Scales renowned brand GRAVEX.

The current offer of tires and wheels we will gladly also on telephone number 728 152 929.

Our team

Emil Ondo - owner of the company - tel. 728 152 929

Where to find us

At the exit of Zatec towards Kadan, after about 10 km journey is turning left at Libědice (directly opposite Nechranické dam).

The plant can be found just before leaving the village on the right side.